PremierPay: A quick look PremierPay: A quick look

Based out of Toronto, Canada, PremierPay is becoming the best way to accept alternative payments online and in mobile apps. We are focused on revolutionizing the way people pay for their purchases. While others focus on the merchant's needs, PremierPay is focused on making the customer's experience more pleasant, quicker and more secure. We believe that happy customers will make happier merchants.

PremierPay provides businesses around the world with a powerful selection of standard and alternative payment processing services and solutions, as well as the ability to integrate their own existing ones.

Below are just some of the reasons that great companies from all over the world choose PremierPay.

  • no hidden fees
  • no reserves*
  • our consumer-centric focus
  • quick checkout options
  • increased positive conversion rates
  • daily settlements available
  • secure/pci compliant system
  • easy integration

*no reserves for certain industries and thresholds, contact us to learn more.

Our company, our philosophy.

PremierPay believes in the value of strong partnerships built on mutual growth.

Driven by the conviction that mutual benefit creates a strong, synergistic relationship, PremierPay was founded on the "Give to Receive" principle. We felt that if we gave the best possible products and services with the most competitive pricing to our customers, the long-running relationships and reputation-based referrals would continue to grow both in strength and number.

This has worked well, so far, and we don't plan on changing a thing.

PremierPay is committed to staying at the forefront of online payment development.

Our company is always looking for new and exciting ways to expand its offerings. We are very aware that keeping our customers in a state of forward momentum in business means following payment trends closely and adopting those which gain traction.

With PremierPay, as new payment methods emerge, your company is well positioned to seamlessly add or remove payment types. In other words: you stay agile!


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